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The e-juice is the liquid you fill in your tank which then evaporates, and is available both with and without nicotine. For the choice of nicotine strength, we recommend 3-6mg with a subohmt tank, and for older tanks 12-18mg may be appropriate. 

Tip: We have developed a variety of filters for e-juice so you can find the right one easier. E.g. You can filter out e-juices cheaper than 200 SEK, which we have in stock in 3mg and which is categorized as a bakery. If you need inspiration you can always sort all e-juices for "best-selling", to see what others like.

  1. Riot Squad
    Tropical Fury (3 x 10ml) Tropical Fury eLiquid from Riot Squad is a fruit mix of all things Exotic and Tropical, a mingling of tangy citrus flavours with a full-on aftertaste.
    63SEK 99SEK
  2. Riot Squad
    Iron Bruise (3 x 10ml) Iron Bruise by Riot Squad is an homage to the original Rioters, with this flavour blend reminiscent of the popular Scottish orange drink.
    63SEK 99SEK
  3. Sub-Lime (3 x 10ml) Sub-Lime eLiquid from Riot Squad is a serious Citrus blend, a sour mix of Lemons and Limes.
    63SEK 99SEK
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