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If you're either look for your first tank, or want to try something new, look no further! We at only carry the most interesting and latest tanks to provide the most awesome flavor and vapor production!

An e-cigarette consists of a battery or a mod + a tank, in this section you'll find clearomizers which is a type of tank. There are also more advanced forms of tanks called RBA, but here you'll only find clearomizers. A clearomizer is made out of two parts: a liquid container for e-juice and a coil head that heats up the liquid that vapor is produced. Also have in mind that the coil is a consumable part that usually lasts 2-4 weeks, when the taste and/or vapor decreases it's time to replace the coil.

Previously, sub ohm vaping have only been exclusive for those who got the skills to wrap their own coils to use with mechanical mods, but now sub ohm is standard in todays clearomizers. Sub ohm mean simply that the coil have a resistance (ohm) of 1.0 or lower, by reducing the resistance both flavor and vapor production will be increased. Have in mind that you can't use a sub ohm clearomizer with a standard eGo battery, older regulated mods or a mechanical mod. You need is a regulated mod that can power a coil below 1.0ohm, please double check with your mods specification if unsure.

  1. Innokin
    Prism T18 II Sub Ohm Tank (2.5ml)
  2. Innokin
    Plex Sub Ohm Tank (4ml)
  3. Innokin
    Zenith MTL D22 Tank (3ml)
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