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Vampire Vape: Koncept XIX (UK)

12 Products

Koncept XIX is Vampire Vape's new shortfill series.

  1. Vampire Vape
    Koncept XIX - Heisenberg (50ml, Shortfill) Heisenberg is  a delightful inhale of fruity combination is followed with a strange yet welcoming cooling crystal senstion, much like a menthol inspired exhale, but we challenge you to be able to figure out what flavour actually causes that very moreish sensation. Quickview
  2. Vampire Vape
    Koncept XIX - Pinkman (50ml, Shortfill) Pinkman e-juice by Vampire Vape is a fantastic combination of fruit flavours that collide to create a refreshing and powerful fruity sensation both on inhale and exhale and has become a UK favourite since its release. Quickview
  3. Vampire Vape
    Koncept XIX - Blood Sukka (50ml, Shortfill) Blood Sukka comes with one hell of a bite, a combination of cherries, berries, red fruits, sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol. Quickview
  4. Vampire Vape
    All Day Grape (50ml, Shortfill) A Killer purple grape that has been picked, pressed and squeezed to get every single drop of that sweet purple goodness! Tie that in with our signature cooling blast and you've got yourself a new all day vape! Quickview
  5. Vampire Vape
    Get Cubed (50ml, Shortfill) It's Cola Yo! This fizzy coated cube of happiness has got one of the most unique tastes known to man! Like the Rubix, this flavour leaves us puzzled. How can a liquid be this damn fizzy?!? Quickview
  6. Vampire Vape
    Tika Taka (50ml, Shortfill) These fantastic sun-kissed oranges have been freshly squeezed into a tasty fizzy juice that is then mixed with a frosty hit so hard it'll take your breath away! Quickview
  7. Vampire Vape
    Phat Drizzle (50ml, Shortfill) Get absolutely baked with this warm creamy vanilla sponge cake that has been drizzled in deliciously sweet caramel. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Quickview
  8. Vampire Vape
    Golden Thrill (50ml, Shortfill) An exotic mango taste like no other. This slippery fruit has managed to slide it's way into greatness with this crazy-sweet fruity mix! Quickview
  9. Vampire Vape
    Kool Kick (50ml, Shortfill) Just imagine a lemon in sunglasses! A lemon can't really get much cooler - unless it's squeezed into this mouth-wateringly stunning liquid. Careful though, this will knock you off your feet! Quickview
  10. Vampire Vape
    Sticky Spot (50ml, Shortfill) The sticky spot that EVERYONE wants to be stuck in! Strawberry and Toffee intertwined to create a flavour that is seriously indescribable. Quickview
  11. Vampire Vape
    Pie Eyed (50ml, Shortfill) Nostalgia chasers, this one is for you. A flaky pie crust taken straight out the oven - packed with a sweet lemon tang. Take a true nostalgic trip with this recipe straight out of Nana's old cookbook! Quickview
  12. Vampire Vape
    Poley Rolly (50ml, Shortfill) One for the childhood memories. Poley Rolly brings back that warm Jam and Pudding roll that we all loved! Oh, don't forget the smooth yellow custard that coated this proper British pudding! Quickview
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