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The Cloud Company (USA)

5 Products

The Cloud Company is a unique series of e-juices from the United States, created by Pip The Bunny who have developed both the Suicide Bunny & The King's Crown. The Cloud Company's juices can handle vaping at higher temperatures and have about 90% VG which is a magic number for those who are looking for the biggest clouds. There are also individuals with hypersensitivity to PG making these juices optimal for them.

  1. The Cloud Company
    Arise (50ml, Shortfill) Mothers Milk from Suicide Bunny has proven to be one of the most popular e-juices ever created. So now The Cloud Compan have created a cloud chaser out of Mothers Milk, with 90% VG. This creamy e-juice based on strawberries and vanilla custard is back even smoother and with bigger clouds than ever: ARISE! Quickview
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  2. The Cloud Company
    Kumo (50ml, Shortfill) A new vape that echoes accuracy and devotion to a craft. This smoothie flavored vape brings fruits that blossom from one vape to the next. Truly a one of a kind experience that will make all other clouds envious. Quickview
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  3. The Cloud Company
    Sky (50ml, Shortfill) Sky e-juice från The Cloud Company har MAX VG (90%) och är en blandning av söta och väldoftande smaker. Inslag av citron och kakor som är fint balanserade med en rik och söt krämig grädde. Tack vare den höga halten VG producerar Sky enorma moln av ånga. Quickview
  4. The Cloud Company
    Revel (50ml, Shortfill) Revel from The Cloud Company is an e-juice with MAX VG (90%) with such complex flavor layers that you can find something new in each vape. Among other things, you will feel tones of sweet and creamy cereals mixed with fresh berries and citrus fruits. The flavors are so carefully formulated to you in a vape can feel citrus with fresh berries while the next vape so you feel berries and creamy milk. Quickview
  5. The Cloud Company
    Billow (50ml, Shortfill) Billow from The Cloud Company is an E-juice with 90% VG and a complex blend of coconut cream cake covered with sprizzled caramel. The blend of flavors includes both sweet and savory surprises and thanks to its high content of VG gets you out huge clouds of Billow. Quickview
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