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Swedish Mixology - MTL (Sverige)

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This is a shortfill series from Swedish Mixology that is truly created for MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) use, optimal for devices with less power. The shortfills are 30ml big with 10ml flavor concentrate, with room for 2 x 10ml nicotine shots with or without nicotine. Choose different combinations of nicotine shots (1x100% VG + 1xVPG 50/50%) to get nicotine-free, 6mg or 12mg.

To get different nicotine strengths, add the following bottles to get:
- Nicotine free: 1 x 100% VG, 0mg (10ml) + 1 x VPG 50/50%, 0mg (10ml)
- 6mg: 1 x 100% VG, 18mg (10ml) + 1 x VPG 50/50%, 0mg (10ml)
- 12mg: 1 x 100% VG, 18mg (10ml) + 1 x VPG 50/50%, 20mg (10ml)

  1. Swedish Mixology
    Twisted MTL (10ml, Shortfill) Pineapple, strawberry, lemon, lime
  2. Swedish Mixology
    Coffee Caramel MTL (10ml, Shortfill) Coffee, caramel, brown sugar
  3. Swedish Mixology
    Berry Candy MTL (10ml, Shortfill) Blueberries, raspberries, sweets
  4. Swedish Mixology
    Blue Pop MTL (10ml, Shortfill) Blueberries, candy, mint, menthol
  5. Swedish Mixology
    Pink Ice Blast MTL (10ml, Shortfill) Melon, strawberry, menthol, mint
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