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Suicide Bunny (USA)

10 Products

US based Suicide Bunny started by Pip who wanted to help her husband, a long time smoker, to quit smoking. By expressing her creativity she created Suicide Bunny and a series of the most complex flavors and exquisite e-juices we have encountered so far.

  1. Suicide Bunny
    Mothers Milk (50ml, Shortfill) Welcome to a new world of flavors, we give you the Suicide Bunny's flagship Mothers Milk that is ready to show how good a complex e-juice can be. Mothers Milk is a wonderfully rich and cream dessert vape with a touch of strawberry on exhalation. Quickview
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  2. Suicide Bunny
    Sucker Punch (50ml, Shortfill) Do you find yourself daydreaming of exotic places sometimes? Suicide Bunny's Sucker Punch is your ticket.. Enjoy the magical dragon fruit laced with silky custard and enjoy a masterpiece of complex flavors! Quickview
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  3. Suicide Bunny
    O.B. (50ml, Shortfill) O.B. (Original Bunny) is the new flavor of the Suicide Bunny that everyone is talking about! She is rich and creamy with so many layers of complex flavors that you every now and then will discover something new. We heard heard people feel the taste of cupcakes with frosting, a second opinion say it tastes sweet coconut, a third-caramel mixture. We ourselves can not get along, but the flavor is wonderful. Like Suicide Bunny's style of e-juices, you will love the Original Bunny! Quickview
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  4. Suicide Bunny
    Mother's Milk and Cookies (50ml, Shortfill) You were so good this year that the Holiday Season is here early. Introducing a very Limited Edition from Suicide Bunny featuring a twist on the flavor that changed the game, Mother's Milk. This is where we would normally introduce you to the flavor profile but we can't take all the fun out of the surprise. We hope you enjoy! Quickview
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  5. Suicide Bunny
    Madrina (50ml, Shortfill) Madrina has an enchanting cream base with hints of melon, this is Pip the Bunny's personal favorite! Quickview
  6. Suicide Bunny
    Derailed (50ml, Shortfill) Derailed is a freshly baked cake wrapped in a sweet cinnamon banana on the exhale. The smell alone will get you cravings for more! Quickview
  7. Suicide Bunny
    Bunny Season (50ml, Shortfill) This new awesome e-juice is based on sweet key lime wrapped in rich creams and crisp graham crackers. Quickview
  8. Suicide Bunny
    Wanderlust (50ml, Shortfill) With a desire to create the best dessert vape around, Suicide Bunny researched desserts from around the world.  What they discovered was that no matter where their travels took them, there was always cake.  This vape layers sweet, vanilla cake with delightful, rich icing. Quickview
  9. Suicide Bunny
    Stingy Jack (50ml, Shortfill) Ripe, tart apples and wrapped in luscious, sweet caramel sure to leave you feeling voracious enough to carry on the legend of Stingy Jack. It's wicked good. Quickview
  10. Suicide Bunny
    Queen Cake (50ml, Shortfill) The queen looked down at court and told her staff "let them have cake" and so it was. Queen Cake features layers of vanilla cake with a wild pineapple topper over glazed icing. Her royal subjects all cheered a long life to the queen. Quickview
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