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Juicy Ohms (USA)

4 Products

US based Juicy Ohms is a family-run company that makes some of the finest e-juices anyone seen!

  1. Juicy Ohms
    OHM Sweet OHM (50ml, Shortfill) Hands down one of the best tasting fruit cereal juices out there. Juicy Ohms struck a good balance between fruit, cereal, and milk. The end result is another lip smacking choice you will definitely be glad you grabbed.? Quickview
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  2. Juicy Ohms
    OHM Run (50ml, Shortfill) OHM Run by Juicy Ohms E Liquid is sour string flavor to the extreme. Amplified ripe strawberry, juicy watermelon and crisp apple candy flavors all come together to make this punchy, fruit intensive vape juice blend that will have your taste buds crying for more! If flavor is what you're after, flavor is what you're going to get with OHM Run. Quickview
  3. Juicy Ohms
    OHMMother (50ml, Shortfill) The sweetness of honeydew, the crispness of the apple, and the dominant flavor of the papaya chased down and soaked in cream makes this one of those eliquids that makes you say "Oh mother" hence the name. Quickview
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  4. Juicy Ohms
    Wacky Pony (50ml, Shortfill) Juicy is exactly what this juice is. A take on tropical fruits blended so well that every exhale produces another flavor each time. Keep that wick soaked because you will find yourself chain vaping this. Quickview
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