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Dinner Lady: Dessert (UK)

7 Products

Dinner Lady is a UK brand with a truly amazing branding, who's flavors take home prices in every expo they attend thanks to their interesting flavor blends. Thanks to their ethos of how to develop flavors Dinner Lady suits both beginners and experienced vapers. This is the dessert line, and who can resist nostalgic flavors such as cereal and jam, strawberry custard or a raspberry rice pudding? The flavors in this profile are 60ml nicotine free shortfill bottles, to get them with 3mg you add a bottle of nicotine shot.

  1. Dinner Lady
    Lemon Tart (50ml, Shortfill) Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady features a tangy Lemon curd basis, with Meringue and Pastry.?
  2. Dinner Lady
    Apple Pie (50ml, Shortfill) Handpicked fresh apples mixed with a perfect blend of caramelized brown sugar, a hint of cinnamon covered in a blanket of crust.
  3. Dinner Lady
    Berry Tart (50ml, Shortfill) Berry Tart by Dinner Lady features a light creamy filling with a sweet topping of fresh raspberries and blueberries.
  4. Dinner Lady
    Blackberry Crumble (50ml, Shortfill) Warm British blackberries topped with a crispy, buttery crumble.
  5. Dinner Lady
    Orange Tart (50ml, Shortfill) A creamy zesty orange base on a bed of sweet pastry, with a subtle hint of biscuit crunch.
  6. Dinner Lady
    Mango Tart (50ml, Shortfill) Mango Tart by Dinner Lady features a traditional pastry with freshly sliced mango, smothered in luscious cream.
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