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Frequently asked question

Common questions on
Here we've collected the most common questions we've recieved, and the replies given under the years passed. Read more about delivery, orders, discounts, returns, account and much more.

Shipping & Delivery

What are the shipping fees?

Sweden: 29 SEK, express shipping: 49 SEK.
Norway: 59 SEK
Europe: 59 SEK

The rest of the world: 99 SEK

What is express shipping?

We have two options for shipping in Sweden: The one is a bit slower but free and a very fast costing a small slant.

How long is the delivery time?

If you choose standard shipping, your order will be shipped within 2-3 business days. If you choose express shipping and place your order on weekdays before 14:00, we will send it on the same day.

After that, within Sweden, it’ll take 1-2 business days for you to get your package depending on where in the country you live. For Norwegian shipments the shipping time is usually 3-5 working days + tax process, and for the rest of Europe is 3-7 working days.

Where and when can I pick up my package?

Your package is delivered via PostNord, if your package can not be delivered it will be sent to your closes pick up point. You will be notified via email or SMS when PostNord has picked up your package from our warehouse, and once more one your package has reached your pickup point.

How do I track my package?

Do this:

1. Sign in to "My Pages".
2. Click "My Orders" on the left side menu.
3. Click "View Order" on the order you want to track.
4. Click the "Track Your Order" link.

Keep in mind that you can not track your order before receiving mail from us confirming that we have shipped your package.
If you do not have an account, you can track your order here as a guest.

Can I have my package sent to another address?

You can definitely get that, but be careful that you use a C/O address so the courier knows where the package should be delivered.

For example:
Your name
C/O Your friends name / Company name
Street name
Zip code + City


Can I change in my recently placed order?

Most often you can adjust your order, and we prefer if you can call us asap. Or try the chat or email us, but by doing that there is a risk that our customer support wont be able to communicate with the packing team of the changes.But usually we will solve it in one way or another.

Can minors order?

To be able to buy products on, you must be 18 years old. That goes for both our webshop as well as shops, without exception.

Can I order to other countries than Sweden?

You can. But first of all, ensure that e-cigarettes are legal in the country you wish to order.


What kind of payment can I choose?

For Swedish and Norwegian customers we offer payment via Klarna:
Invoice via Klarna: 0kr
Direct payment via Klarna Account: 0kr
Card (Visa / MasterCard) via Klarna: 0kr
Part Payment by Klarna: 0 SEK from us (Klarna charges you 29 SEK/M registration fee + annual interest rate of 19.9%)

For any countries we also have:
PayPal: 0kr

In our stores you can pay by card, cash and Swish.
Read more about payment options here.

What is the Klarna invoice fee?

It does not cost anything, nice huh?

Can I split the payment?

Absolutely, choose part payment by Klarna to split your payment.

When will my invoice arrive?

The invoice is sent directly from Klarna to you while we ship your order from our warehouse. Sometimes we are faster than Lucky Luke, so wait until the invoice appears from Klarna. But if it’s gone more than a week, please contact Klarna here:

Why is i denied to pay with invoice or part payment?

Each time you choose to pay by invoice or part payment, Klarna makes an assessment to determine if they can offer you that opportunity. The assessment is individual and Klarna always takes into account several factors, such as your previous payment history, how much you want to purchase, and what information Klarna received from your credit information.

If Klarna denies the purchase, we recommend that you pay by card or direct payment with your Klarna account instead. If you do not prefer PayPal or Bitcoin ie.

I’ve lost my invoice, what do I do?

Contact Klarna Customer Support and they'll help you out:


In which cities do you have retail shops?

Right now we only have a shop in Malmö and Lund.

Click here to read more about our stores.

Is the same price offline as online?

Of course it is the same price!

Some stores have higher prices in stores than online, and they think it's expensive to run a store, well .. To them we say: Run a decent sized webshop, that’s not for free either ;)

Can I reserve a product in a store?

Kind of.. by ordering online and choose ”Shop pickup” as delivery option. Then you’ll get an email when you can pick up your package.

Can I order online and pick up in store?

You can definitely do that. Right now we go with a bicycle cycle between the warehouse in Malmö and the store in Malmö on a daily basis, so if you order before kl. 14, you will be able to pick up your package in the shop later in the day.

You do this:
1. Buy online as usual, but choose ”Shop pickup” delivery option.
2. Once your order is packed and the shop have recieved it, its status is updated to "Ready to be picked up”, and you will be notified via email.

Always bring identification upon shop pickups.

Exchanges & returns

I regret my awesome purchase, what do I do?

If you regret your purchase within 14 days you simply send the product back to us for a refund. Refunds are only accepted if the product are still sealed, not used and in it's original box. You choose your shipping method and account for that cost.

Where do I send my return?

You choose your shipping method and account for that cost, ship it to:
Black Box Sweden AB
Spånehusvägen 69
214 39 Malmö

In the return package, we need a note with the following information:
1. Order-ID / Return-ID
2. Reason for return
3. What you want to do (new product or refund)

It's ok with a handwritten note and once we have recieved the return we'll get back to you.

I was sent wrong products, what do I do?

Contact our customer support and we'll help you out!

My product is not working properly, what do I do?

The first step is to contact our customer service and we'll first see if we can help you over the phone to correct any smaller issue. If the issue is bigger our customer service will assist you in how to file a return request.

Can I exchange my product to another?

As long as your product is not used and in its original packaging with all parts, absolutely. Contact our customer service and we'll help you out.

How do I get refunded on a return case?

Offline purchase: Refund to your card, or in cash.
Payment done online with PayPal online: Refund to PayPal, or bank transfer (whatever you prefer).
Payment done online with all other payment systems: Refund to your bank account.

How long is my warranty?

Please see our "Terms & Conditions".

Account at

How do I register as a customer?

At the top right of the page, click on "My Account”. On the next page you can register on the right side (or sign in on the left side).

How do I change password in my eSmokes account?

You log in with your previous email and password as usual to ”My Account”. You’ll see your email directly on the homepage, choose edit to change your password.

How do I change my shipping information?

Log in to "My Account", navigate to "My Account" where you can change shipping details.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your login information, you can request new password here or get help from our customer service at [email protected] or by phone at 040-6170400. 

How do I unsubscribe / subscribe to the newsletter?

You can always unsubscribe at the bottom of any newsletter. Alternatively, you can log in to "My Pages" and go to My Profile, check the box for Email and click ”Save". Subscribe in the footer of our website, or in ”My Account”.


In which cities is there a retail store?

When we started 2013, the goal was always to open a retail shop, a goal that was realized in 2016 when we opened our first store in Malmö. After that we've opened in Lund, we also had a shop for a year in Gothenburg that we had to close.

How do I shop on

As long as you are over 18, it is very easy to shop online:
1. Find the product you want.
2. Make any selection such as color or nicotine strength, press the Buy button.
3. Go to checkout where you see total cost.
4. If you are Swedish or Norwegian and choose to pay via Klarna simply enter your personal number, choose how you want to pay and press "Finish Order".
4. If you’re not Swedish or Finish (or just want to) you press the PayPal/Bitcoin logo up right to get to another checkout. Here you enter your address details, choose payment method and press "Finish Order".

That’s it, not that hard. But feel free to contact us at any time and we’re happy to help you out!

Do you have any open job positions?

Click here to see available jobs right now, or navigate to the site's footer where you will find a link called just "Work with us", where we post vacancies. We also advertise vacancies through social media and newsletters.

How can I contact you?

Contact us in one of the following ways:
Phone: (0046) 040-6170400 (Mon - Fri: 11-15)
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: (chat there works great)
Chat on the site (as you find in the bottom right).
Or get past one of our stores.

Can I give you a review anywhere?

Absolutely, we’d love to hear from you! Our main source for collecting reviews is via Trustpilot, click here to read more and say a few words. In addition to TrustPilot, we also welcome Facebook reviews och via Google reviews.


How can I get discounts and offers?

Every week we have some kind of offer, promotion or competition. It can range from 50% on something, 20% on a new juice line, giveaways or whatever we put our mind to..

In order not to miss anything, sign up to ours newsletter (in the footer or on "My Pages”). You can also follow us on Facebook ( or Instagram (eSmokesSE).

How do I activate a discount code at checkout?

It's super easy:
1. Go to checkout
2. Fill in the discount code in the top box called "Enter Discount Code".
3. Click the red button to the right of the field called "Apply Discount Code".