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Riot Squad (UK)

8 Products

Riot Squad is a UK based e-juice label, that is seen with the coolest convention booths across Europe touring with their riot van. The juices are formulated, designed and made in their own UK labs, to ensure the quality of the whole process and experience. The juice line are based on unique blends based on bold flavors to match their revolutionary style. In this section you'll find nicotine based e-juices, if you are looking for Riot Squad shortfills check the shortfill menu.

  1. Riot Squad
    Tropical Fury (3 x 10ml) Tropical Fury eLiquid from Riot Squad is a fruit mix of all things Exotic and Tropical, a mingling of tangy citrus flavours with a full-on aftertaste. Quickview
  2. Riot Squad
    Grapple & Slapcurrant (3 x 10ml) Grapple and Slapcurrant eLiquid by Riot Squad is a garden fruit blend of Apples and Blackcurrants, kettled into an alleyway, and smashed to pieces, before being decanted into a bottle, ready to vape! Quickview
  3. Riot Squad
    Strawberry Scream (3 x 10ml) Strawberry Scream eLiquid by Riot Squad is a fruit twist of Strawberries and Cream, a classic flavour profile given the Police Academy treatment. Quickview
  4. Riot Squad
    Smashed Apple Pie (3 x 10ml) Smashed Apple Pie eLiquid by Riot Squad features a blend of Vanilla, Apple and Buttered Pie Crust. Quickview
  5. Riot Squad
    Menthol Molotov (3 x 10ml) Menthol Molotov eLiquid by Riot Squad is a truncheon of Tropical Fruits with a blast of breezy Menthol for a chilly finish. Quickview
  6. Riot Squad
    Iron Bruise (3 x 10ml) Iron Bruise by Riot Squad is an homage to the original Rioters, with this flavour blend reminiscent of the popular Scottish orange drink. Quickview
  7. Riot Squad
    Sub-Lime (3 x 10ml) Sub-Lime eLiquid from Riot Squad is a serious Citrus blend, a sour mix of Lemons and Limes. Quickview
  8. Riot Squad
    Cola Cooler (3 x 10ml) Cola Cooler eLiquid by Riot Squad is a classic beverage themed vape, using the Kola Nut as its inspiration. It also features a cool Menthol edge for a breezy finish. Quickview
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