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Liqua Mix (Czech)

15 Products

Mix is the latest Liqua series containing both new exciting and innovative flavors as well as new takes on their old classics.All flavors from Liqua Mix series are TPD compliant, meaning they meet every part of the new European law: Contain less than 20mg nicotine/ml, comes in a 10ml child-proof bottle with Swedish warning labels.

  1. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Tropical Bomb (10ml) A rich blend of tropical fruits, featuring paw paw, guava, and fresh Georgia peaches. Tropical bomb will explode across your taste buds and brighten your day. Quickview
  2. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Tutti Frutti (10ml) This tutti frutti will leave you wondering how we've managed to pack so much fresh fruity flavor into a single vape. Incredibley sweet and fresh, this vape is a keeper! Quickview
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  3. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Pina Coolada (10ml) If you could vape a tropical holiday, it would taste just like our Pina Coolada. Fresh pineapple, sweet cream, a hint of rum and a cool, cool aftertaste guaranteed to delight and refresh. Quickview
  4. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Ice Fruit (10ml) This vape is a burst of rich berry flavor with a strong minty undertone. It's a pleasing blend of fresh and minty to help you power through your day. Quickview
  5. LiQua Elements
    Mix - NY Cheesecake (10ml) Prepare for the ultimate combination of fresh, creamy, and sweet. This is real New York cheesecake with a kiwi-blueberry blast and deliciously crumbly crust. Quickview
  6. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Banana Cream (10ml) A blend of ripe and green banana tastes complement a creamy, buttery undertone. This is a rich, creamy vape you can enjoy all day long?. Quickview
  7. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Cranberry Blast (10ml) Get ready for a giant burst of tart and sweet in this unique cranberry vape combined with berries, anise, menthol, and eucalyptus. Quickview
  8. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Shisha Mix (10ml) Prepare to rock the casbah with this delicious combination of fresh green apples, juicy sweet red apples, a touch of virginia tobacco and just a dash of anise. Quickview
  9. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Strawberry Yoghurt (10ml) A sweet, creamy vape for all of you fruit lovers. Luscious fresh strawberries blend seamlessly with creamy yoghurt for a taste that can't be beat. Quickview
  10. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Cherribakki (10ml) A rather complex blend of smoky tobacco, sandalwood, and black cherry. Cherribakki is a great vape that goes equally well with a morning cup of coffee or after a big dinner. Quickview
  11. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Mango Milkshake (10ml) Mango Milkshake is infused with a real fresh mango flavor, supported with sweet creamy tones that will make you think you're in the tropics. Quickview
  12. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Ice Tobacco (10ml) A refreshing spin on an old classic! We've combined American tobacco with a mix of fruits, caramel and mint for a refreshing vape that will stimulate the senses and leave you wanting more. Quickview
  13. LiQua Elements
    Mix - Chocolate Mint (10ml) A sophisticated combination of dark chocolate and creme de menthe, making it the perfect after dinner vape which can actually be enjoyed all day. Quickview
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