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Halo (USA)

4 Products

American Halo based in New Jersey is a producer of hardware as well as e-juice with complex unique flavors. Unlike many of its competitors, Halo has focused on developing a solid assortment of tobacco flavors and bases its products on the PG rather than VG. Focus on the PG makes Halos flavors not only powerful but is ideal for those who prefer a "throat hit" in his vape. This makes the Halo flavors powerful and a favorite of many former smokers who are looking for really good tobacco flavors.

  1. Halo
    Turkish Tobacco (3 x 10ml) Halos Turkish Tobacco blend offers an excellent combination of sun-cured tobacco flavor with a very light semi-sweet top note. This unique e-juice flavor is characteristic of the original Turkish Tobacco cultivated off the coast of the Black Sea, which is widely used in traditional cigarettes and blended into various pipe tobaccos. Turkish Tobacco has a relatively mild tobacco flavor, so it is a great choice for “light tobacco” smokers still seeking substantial throat hit and good vapor production.? Quickview
  2. Halo
    Sub Zero (3 x 10ml) It doesn’t get any more menthol than SubZero. With three times the cool mint effect of Halos other mentholated e-juices, SubZero offers excellent vapor production and an icy, yet satisfying finish. Perfect as an all-day vape, or for mixing into your other favorite e-juices. Quickview
  3. Halo
    Torque 56 (3 x 10ml) Torque 56 is for those seeking a true tobacco flavor without a mix of other flavors to muddle the taste. Halo has truly captured the pure taste of premium unfiltered tobacco with this incredible e-liquid. If you are looking for an authentic analog tobacco experience, Torque 56 is exactly what you’re looking for.  Quickview
  4. Halo
    Prime 15 (3 x 10ml) Prime15 is a premium tobacco blend offering the complex nuances of an authentic cigarette experience. The taste is somewhat earthy, with a subtle dry sweetness that offers hints of cocoa when used with certain electronic cigarettes. This very smooth tobacco e-juice offers a solid throat hit with excellent vapor production and is perfect for those seeking an authentic analog experience. Quickview
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