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Generic Adult Sours (USA)

2 Products

The Generic Adult Sours is a USA based e-juice brand created as a response to the media claiming e-juice consist of flavors that appeal to children. So this brand was born with intentional simple design, aimed for vapers who enjoy pushing their tastebuds to the limit. The Generic Adult Sours are claimed to be the king of sourness with a flavor profile of tart flavors and biting tastes. Manufactured by Cosmic Fog. are the exclusive distributor in Sweden for TPD compliant products from The Generic Adult Sours.

  1. Generic Adult Sours
    Berry (10ml) Don't let the name deceive you, this vape juice is far from a generic blend! Offering a delectable fusion of blueberries and sour candy, Generic Adult Sours Berry will take your tongue on a journey of sweet and sour tastebud tantilizing textures. A blast of fresh blueberries arrives with force upon the front note providing a delicious balance of tart and sweet. Upon the exhale, an immediate arrival of sour candy pours into the final notes to provide a most delicious compliment that will have you dripping or filling again and again. ? Quickview
  2. Generic Adult Sours
    Watermelon (10ml) Avoid the stress of complicated flavor profiles with a bottle of pure candy delight in Generic Adult Sours Watermelon! This simplified vape juice offers a ripe watermelon in tandem with a sour candy note that will have you coming back for more. An inhale of watermelon brings your tongue a juicy sweet flavor profile that will please beyond the first draw. An exhale of exhilerating sour candy loads your palate with piquant pleasure that the candy vaper will absolutely love!  Quickview
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