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I Love Salts (USA)

5 Products
In Love Salts is a series of nicotine salt based e-juices from the creators of Mad Hatter Juice, who for many years have produced phenomenal flavors with exceptional design. The entire series is available as 1 x 10ml or as a larger 12-pack of 10ml bottles, and only with 20mg nicotine strength. All e-juices have a PG/VG ratio of 50/50% which makes them extremely suitable for MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) and are thus best buddies with both newer pod systems and older models of e-cigarettes.
  1. Mad Hatter
    Blue Raspberry, 20mg nicotine salt (10ml) Blue raspberries
    Sold out
  2. Mad Hatter
    Strawberry Candy, 20mg nikotinsalt (10ml) Strawberries, sweets
  3. Mad Hatter
    Grappleberry, 20mg nicotine salt (10ml) Blue raspberries
  4. Mad Hatter
    Strawberry Ice, 20mg nikotinsalt (10ml) Strawberries, menthol
  5. Mad Hatter
    Spearmint Gum, 20mg nicotine salt (10ml) Spearmint, bubble gum
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