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Big Mouth: The Candy Shop (Lithuania)

9 Products

The Candy Shop is a series of DIY flavor concentrates created by Big Mouth, that have taken Europe by storm with their great flavors and stylish packaging.

  1. Big Mouth
    Ice Pop (Flavor Concentrate) Summer without ice popsicles isn’t a summer. Can you imagine a blazing hot day with no refreshments around you? No worries, we’ve taken care of that. Fresh, fro Quickview
  2. Big Mouth
    Strawberry Syrup Pancakes (Flavor Concentrate) There isn’t anything better than to start off your morning with some good homemade pancakes. Keep thinking about them… Now imagine that your Grandma comes and p Quickview
  3. Big Mouth
    Fruity Lollipops (Flavor Concentrate) This is going to change your life routine once and for all. Pleasant mellow fruit mix will let you feel every flavour at once, allowing you to free yourself. Ca Quickview
  4. Big Mouth
    Jelly Beans (Flavor Concentrate) Is it raining today? Are you having a bad day at the office? It is impossible to relax at home, isn’t it? Then this special flavour is just for you. Make this d Quickview
  5. Big Mouth
    Cinnamon Marshmallow Cake (Flavor Concentrate) Do you adore sweetness? Do you enjoy your cocoa with a pinch of cinnamon? Are you going insane for a piece of a fine, creamy and tasteful cake? Now you can have Quickview
  6. Big Mouth
    Aloe Lollipops (Flavor Concentrate) Freshness, tropical taste and the memories of a thing that just melts in your mouth – how about tropical lollipops? This will take you to an unforgettable exper Quickview
  7. Big Mouth
    Lemon Meringue Pie (Flavor Concentrate) Sweet and sour, light and dark. Can you say the same about your life? Not a problem. Have your life in your pocket, enjoy the moment, with a lemon meringue pie Quickview
  8. Big Mouth
    Zingy Punch (Flavor Concentrate) Take a sweet mix of tropical fruit drinks you love and add some creamy passion fruit on top. Don’t forget that mysterious drop of mint that will let you use you Quickview
  9. Big Mouth
    Dark Jelly (Flavor Concentrate) Combine lots of different fruits and add a little bit of spice - you’ll get a unique taste of an astonishing dark jelly that will take you to an endless journey Quickview
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