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Big Mouth: Smooth Summer (Lithuania)

9 Products

Smooth Summer is a series of DIY flavor concentrates created by Big Mouth, that have taken Europe by storm with their great flavors and stylish packaging.

  1. Big Mouth
    LFTLW (Flavor Concentrate) Wildness, tropics, forest smell, and some fresh, cold lemonade will boost your day for sure, guaranteeing a perfect mood for you and will unleash the nature of you - will let you get away  from your daily life. Quickview
  2. Big Mouth
    OPBSD (Flavor Concentrate) A combination full of surprises, letting you decide what you feel, what you taste. Your imagination is limitless, your possibilities are infinite, same as this flavour, the more you try, the more different are the feelings. A perfect mix, to free your thoughts, and let the journey begin. Quickview
  3. Big Mouth
    FCAPB (Flavor Concentrate) A spice of mystery from a black cherry, a cup of harsh from a pomelo, some sugar from a cloudberry, a source of healthiness from a cranberry, and some summer miss from some cold berry juice, an excellent combination for a hot day.. Quickview
  4. Big Mouth
    POGPR (Flavor Concentrate) A passionate mix, for passionate people. Try for once and you’ll never forget. A mix of grapefruit, orange syrup and passion fruit will let you feel like new, will let you embrace yourself. And a red currant, pomegranate and a little bit of grapefruit will let you feel the exotic taste of some tropic weather.  Quickview
  5. Big Mouth
    JGBIC (Flavor Concentrate) A little bit of sweetness to your heart, a little bit ice to your brain, a sappy raspberry for your health, an apple for a good morning start, and a juicy lime for your luscious life. And all of this from us just to keep you perfect and always ready. Quickview
  6. Big Mouth
    WCPTH (Flavor Concentrate) Can something be better than a red watermelon, an orange juicy tangerine, a mellow honeydew melon and an icy polar apricot for a vaper that wants to have it all? Sourness, sweetness, juiciness, freshness for every day, every week, every month. And the best of this – it will never get boring. Isn’t it perfect? Quickview
  7. Big Mouth
    SAPBG (Flavor Concentrate) Wanna be free? Independent? Off the leash? With combination of these flavors everything will be possible. The fresh pineapple will let you think better, the strawberry jam will let you feel the wildness and the aloe vera will maintain your balance. This is a best option to have everything in their places.  Quickview
  8. Big Mouth
    MQEAD (Flavor Concentrate) Came from far, far away, having everything a person needs, giving him anything he wants. A taste including an enigmatic jelly, a syrupy apple from the southern path, and boosting you up with a balanced energy strike, just to keep you up running 24/7.  Quickview
  9. Big Mouth
    LRMBC (Flavor Concentrate) Some mexican spices, a little bit of sour lemon juice, a few berries and some pure ice will cool your day for sure, giving the opportunity to change your routine into something that even words can’t describe.? Quickview
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