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Mount Baker Vapor, Mt Baker or MBV from the United States is one of the world's largest manufacturers of e-juice. With their creative mixes, good prices and great ingredients not many people have missed them the last years. Note: MBV is now a product we store locally, and is no longer drop shipped from Germany. Have in mind that this is a flavor concentrate, that needs to be mixed with base liquid before its a vapeable e-juice.

  1. Mount Baker Vapor
    Hawk Sauce (Essens) Hawk Sauce from Mount Baker Vapor is a complex blend of sweet and slightly sour berries, with a light hint of cool menthol. Mixed with inspirations drawn from the Pacific Northwest, Hawk Sauce is a delightfully refreshing and deliciously fruity vape. Quickview
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  2. Mount Baker Vapor
    Extreme Ice (Flavor Concentrate) Just like the name suggests, Extreme Ice from Mount Baker Vapor is a radically cool and fridigly smooth, minty vape.   Quickview
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  3. Mount Baker Vapor
    Moo Juice (Essens) Moo Juice from Mount Baker Vapor is a delectable blend of sweet strawberries and smooth cream.  Quickview
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  4. Mount Baker Vapor
    Vanilla Custard (Essens) Combining the delicious flavors of maple sugar, vanilla bean, and sweet cream, Vanilla Custard from Mount Baker Vapor is a perfectly light and flavorful dessert vape.  Quickview
  5. Mount Baker Vapor
    Peach Rings (Essens) The Peach Ring flavored e-juice from Mount Baker Vapor will remind you of your childhood. A new take on a classic sugary and sour peach candy. Quickview
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  6. Mount Baker Vapor
    Forestberry Fusion (Flavor Concentrate) Get in touch with your inner forager with Forestberry Fusion, a stirring blend of raspberry and blackberry tartness and cherry sweetness. Quickview
  7. Mount Baker Vapor
    Cinnamon Roll (Flavor Concentrate) Try this old classic. Cinnamon Roll from Mount Baker Vapor is a deliciously sweet dessert vape, with a perfect blend of cinnamon and frosting. Quickview
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  8. Mount Baker Vapor
    Berry Creamy (Flavor Concentrate) Berry Creamy from Mount Baker Vapor is a fresh and delicious sweet and sour berry blend that’s served with rich sweet cream in this delectable smak.   Quickview
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  9. Mount Baker Vapor
    Blueberry (Flavor Concentrate) This flavor perfectly captures the delightful sweetness and slightly tart flavor of blueberries. Quickview
  10. Mount Baker Vapor
    Strawberry (Essens) A vape of Strawberry e-juice from Mount Baker Vapor will have you picturing lush feilds of fragrant strawberries. Enjoy this delictably sweet and fresh vape on its own, or mix in your favorite fruit or mint flavors to give it that extra kick.  Quickview
  11. Mount Baker Vapor
    Demon Energy (Flavor Concentrate) Sweet, sour and full of refreshing citrus flavor, this Demon Energy from Mount Baker Vapor is a light and delightfully fruity vape.  Quickview
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  12. Mount Baker Vapor
    Raspberry Lemonade (Essens) Refresh your vape with this Raspberry Lemonade e-juice from Mount Baker Vapor. A simply delectable combination of sweet raspberries and refreshing lemonade. Quickview
  13. Mount Baker Vapor
    Cotton Candy (Flavor Concentrate) Submerge yourself in memories of adventure filled days at the state fair with this sugary sweet Cotton Candy from Mount Baker Vapor.  Quickview
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