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Chuff Town CPH (Danmark)

11 Products

Chuff Town CPH is an underground brand from Copenhagen, Denmark, that make flavor concentrates in a way you haven't imagined possible. The creator Morten Pay, with a background as a chef, combines flavors in a way that really shouldn't fit together, but on the contrary is magical together! Each flavor concentrate consists of 8-14 different flavors which will make Chuff Town something you've never tried before. With its pure genuineness your experience With chuff town can go either way, some hate it but most people absolutely love every single vape..

Keep in mind that this is an flavor concenatrate, which must be mixed (around 20%) with base liquid and steeped, to become a vape ready e-juice.

  1. Chuff Town CPH
    Icy Yellow (Flavor Concentrate) A fresh mix of ripe peaches and pineapples, which gives you a fresh cool in the neck! Quickview
  2. Chuff Town CPH
    Booty (Flavor Concentrate) Vanilla custard including dried fruit, biscuits, wooden legs, parrots, coconut, salt water, water drops and, of course ROM! Everything pirates and sea otters wish for the 7 gardens! Quickview
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  3. Chuff Town CPH
    Boomcity (Flavor Concentrate) Powerful papaya and cantaloupe, with a frigid twist! Quickview
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  4. Chuff Town CPH
    Nutty aggressor (Flavor Concentrate) A delicious creamy nutty vanilla custard. Not too little nuts, not too much. Simply very very well balanced! Quickview
  5. Chuff Town CPH
    Deep Green (Flavor Concentrate) A deep, sweet and fresh juice, with a delicious twist on pears. From the Deep series. Quickview
  6. Chuff Town CPH
    The Romantic (Flavor Concentrate) A raspberry and lemon mixture, with a mint of mint. A freshness bomb! Quickview
  7. Chuff Town CPH
    Deep Red (Flavor Concentrate) A delicious sharp and sweet, semi cool, with cherry on the exhale. From the Deep series. Quickview
  8. Chuff Town CPH
    Bumblebee (Flavor Concentrate) A delicious mix of fresh mint, fruit and blossom, bound together by a soft sweetness! Quickview
  9. Chuff Town CPH
    Goblin Army (Flavor Concentrate) A really awesome fruity juice, with a base of anise and fresh coolness on the exhale! Quickview
  10. Chuff Town CPH
    Twin Apples (Flavor Concentrate) A really fresh summer flavor, with a deep fresh and sour base on red apples. Quickview
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