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Flavorah (USA)

186 Products

Unlike other concentrated ejuice flavors that were formulated for candy, beverages and baking, Flavorah's high potency and unique flavor profiles makes it the real choice for ejuice chefs. Flavorah put the power into your hands to blend and customize your vaping experience by making the same undiluted flavors available for DIY that are used by many commercial ejuice manufactures. Flavorah design their ejuice flavorings to steep faster, mix well together and vape strong. Ultimately, Flavorahs goal is to empower vapers to do it themselves and make their own decisions about what tastes good and works for them.

  1. Flavorah - FLV
    Wild Melon (Flavor Concentrate) Candy-like melon flavors with a tropical pallet. This flavor is fruity and fun, like a handful of hard candy.  ? Quickview
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  2. Flavorah - FLV
    Virginia Tobacco (Flavor Concentrate) This is the less harsh, earthy tobacco flavor you need for making savory blends. Lots of depth and space to fill in with fruits or other savory flavor notes without the over powering ash smoke of a commercial tobacco flavor. Can be blended with our cured tobacco flavor to get a specific balance as you see fit.   Quickview
  3. Flavorah - FLV
    Mango (Flavor Concentrate) Brilliant real fruit mango is highly potent and effective for ripe and sweet mango notes. Try this flavor with yakima hops if your are trying to make it a less-ripe green mango. Goes well with many fruits, especially tropicals. Quickview
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  4. Flavorah - FLV
    Sweetness (Flavor Concentrate) FLV Sweetness is a flavorless sweetness enhancer. Non-fructose, sugar free. Quickview
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  5. Flavorah - FLV
    Strawberry Cream (Flavor Concentrate) Like the strawberry cream hard candy. This strawberry cream benefits from additions of both strawberry and cream if you are trying to pull it in a particular direction, but can stand alone if you have the candy strawberry note in mind.? Quickview
  6. Flavorah - FLV
    Spearmint (Flavor Concentrate) This spearmint has a cool menthol vibe. Not as strong and in your face as a spearmint chewing gum, this one is designed to work with other fruit flavors.  Excellent with blueberry. Give it a try with some of your stale flavors and it will liven them up. Quickview
  7. Flavorah - FLV
    Cured Tobacco (Flavor Concentrate) Strong tobacco notes with an ashy commercial ring to it that will be familiar to any vaper who is trying to quit the stuff. Musty, vegetable flavor can be used at very low concentrations in a recipe ( Quickview
  8. Flavorah - FLV
    Bubble Gum (Flavor Concentrate) Taste reminiscent of baseball dugouts and bubble tape, or Bazooka Bubble gum sticks. Vapes as expected, with a friendliness for berry or anything top heavy and purfume like. Quickview
  9. Flavorah - FLV
    Peach (Flavor Concentrate) If you have ever been caught stealing gummy Peach-Os from a friend, then this flavor will end your larceny. Bold and brilliant peach flavor is tasty and alive. Not bland or overly subtle, it is a sweet, tasty peach. Vape it all day long and we dare you not to have a fantastic day.  Quickview
  10. Flavorah - FLV
    Milk & Honey (Flavor Concentrate) Milk and honey are made to go together. Welcome to the promise land! This is a rich flavor that plays nicely with other rich flavors like caramel, butterscotch and custards. It has a toasted richness similar to vanilla custard without the egg yoke finishes of a custard.  ? Quickview
  11. Flavorah - FLV
    Raspberry (Flavor Concentrate) Excellent clean raspberry flavor. Not the shrill candy-like "blue raspberry," or hallow tasting beverage raspberry. This raspberry is right off the bush with a hand-picked kind of note. Mixes with almost anything.? Quickview
  12. Flavorah - FLV
    Banana (Flavor Concentrate) Smooth and soft tasting flavor, banana serves as a rich base for mixing with other fruit and savory flavors.  Quickview
  13. Flavorah - FLV
    Sour Apple (Flavor Concentrate) Green candy apple with a zip of sour. This is a flavor that can be used adding depth to candy or fruit blends, or as a standalone for apple in 2-5% range. Quickview
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