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Capella / CAP (USA)

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Capella Flavors Inc. is based in California in one of the California State Health approved establishment and comply with all guidelines from the FDA, GMP and SOP in the entire production chain to put safety first. In 2005 the Capella Coffee Co. introduced their first flavor essences with focus on tea and coffee. After hard work and small successes after another Capella decided to invest on a larger range of the flavor essenses and form a new company called Capella Flavor Drops, and with that decision came the great success! The word of Capella's high quality flavors quickly took shape, and as the success came Capella kept on developing more and more flavors and can today offer over 75 unique delicious flavors loved by vapers worldwide.

All Capellas flavor essences is water soluble, highly concentrated and contains neither fat, calories, sweeteners, preservatives or stabilizers. All Capellas flavor essences are free from diacetyl and they are working continuously to also replace Acetoin (AKA) and Acetyl Propionyl (A / P) in the flavor essences that had them from the beginning. On this page you can see how the work is progressing and what flavor essences that are under revision

  1. Capella - CAP
    Bavarian Cream (20ml, Flavor Concentrate) Bavarian Cream is a French desert.
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