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Capella Silverline (USA)

10 Products

With the Silverline series, Capella has created a new series of DIY flavor concentrates. With Silverline Capella have managed to drop the prices without compromising with the quality. All Silverline flavor concentrates can be mixed with other concentrates but also standalone at 5%, but depending on preferences, more or less may be good for you. Capella Flavors Inc. is based in California in one of the California State Health approved establishment and comply with all guidelines from the FDA, GMP and SOP in the entire production chain to put safety first. In 2005 the Capella Coffee Co. introduced their first flavor concentrates with focus on tea and coffee. After hard work and small successes after another, Capella decided to invest on a larger range of the flavor concentrates and form a new company called Capella Flavor Drops, and with that decision came great success!

  1. Capella - CAP
    Capella Silverline - Blueberry Extra (Flavor Concentrate) More Blueberry. Silverline’s Blueberry Extra blends so perfectly with creams, candies and pastries, the possibilities are truly endless! For the ripest, most fl Quickview
  2. Capella - CAP
    27 Fish (Flavor Concentrate) Catch this red-licorice aroma, jelly raspberry treat. A smooth, sweet, chewy sensation, reminiscent of your favorite fish candy that is sure to compliment your next recipe. Quickview
  3. Capella - CAP
    Black Currant (Flavor Concentrate) This European favorite has a sweet earthy taste unlike other berries. Fresh gooseberry and passion-fruit-raspberry, mix with the floral aromatic notes of carnations and roses. This sharp, refeshing, berry bite - is the international berry sensation! Quickview
  4. Capella - CAP
    Cinnamon Sugar (Flavor Concentrate) SilverLine’s Cinnamon Sugar. What can we say? "It's a downright all day mix." The amazing smooth aroma of your favorite hot pastry, just out of the oven, freshly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Quickview
  5. Capella - CAP
    Rainbow Candy (Flavor Concentrate) This hard-shelled chewy treat is a bold new Silverline flavor. Straight out of the bag, Rainbow Candy is a flavor fantasy sensation with hues of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape, and Strawberry. Quickview
  6. Capella - CAP
    Capella Silverline - Biscuit (Flavor Concentrate) Fresh from the SilverLine ovens, a sweet warm buttery scented biscuit flavor. This new offering delivers a fluffy, smooth taste with a crisp crunch. Non F Quickview
  7. Capella - CAP
    Capella Silverline - 27 Bears (Flavor Concentrate) Silverline’s new mystery jelly treat, 27 Bears will surely satisfy your inner sweet tooth. A clear gummy texture with a sweet, sugary taste that will leave you Quickview
  8. Capella - CAP
    Capella Silverline - Butter Pecan (Flavor Concentrate) You have had the ice cream and the cake, now try Silverline’s secret recipe of rich butter and nutty pecans! A classic flavor crave: caramelized butter, vanilla Quickview
  9. Capella - CAP
    Capella Silverline - Whipped Marshmallow (Flavor Concentrate) Those who like Whipped cream and marshmallow, get ready for a fantastic new desert combo from Silverline. A gentle touch of marshmallow with a whipped cream bit Quickview
  10. Capella - CAP
    Fruit Circles (Flavor Concentrate) If you love fruity flavors, wait until you taste Silverline’s Fruit Circles. You'll enjoy a crunchy burst of morning fruit blended with a distinctive cream. Fresh milk pouring into a bowl of your favorite cereal - yes please! Quickview
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